£10 Salad Box

Iceberg lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoes,

Cherry Tomatoes, Spring Onions,

Mixed colour Peppers, Beetroot,

4 large Jacket Potatoes, 1k New Potatoes, 6 Free Range Eggs, JOHN TURNERS COLESLAW.

£13.50 Chicken Salad Box


Whole fresh chicken ready to roast,

Iceberg, Cucumber, Spring onion, Beetroot,

6 Large Free Range eggs, Red onion,

Red Pepper, Cress, Cherry Tomatoes,

Bag of new potatoes OR 4 large Jacket Potatoes, Pot of JohnTurners Coleslaw.

Quality fresh fruit, vegetables, salad, sacks of potatoes.

Now specialising in prepared chips and potatoes.